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Founded by the Rider Family in 2013

5 years & counting. Thankful to help enh

Jim & Giovanni Rider

Our mission is to create a safer riding experience through our revolutionary RIDER BUCKLE. For the first time you will no longer have to rely on friction and gravity to secure your stirrup to your saddle. We believe every saddle should be equipped with components of the highest quality, while also maintaining their affordability.

Our products can be used by riders of all skill sets. While The Rider Buckle is the first of its kind, we will continue to test our products in the field so we can guarantee the most reliable product possible. The High Tech Tack family is humbled by our Christian roots. We give our Savior, Jesus Christ, all the PRAISE for the success of our Rider Buckle.

We are committed to our valued athletes, partners, customers and friends. - The Rider Family 

Video Credit - Cowboy Channel

The Rider Buckle is 100% American made!


Madison Mac Donald Thomas - Professional Trick Rider

Jim Rider invented the Rider Buckle and founded High Tech Tack, LLC in 2013.

For 50 years, Blevins Buckles have been the industry standard for stirrup adjustment buckles, which allow the stirrups to accommodate different heights. Jim Rider expanded on these designs and added a self-locking mechanism, which locks itself automatically after the user returns the stirrup sleeve to the desired adjustment. Once the buckle locks, the stirrup won’t come off the saddle until the user is ready for it to come off.

The locking feature adds an extra layer of safety for riders. There have been too many horror stories of people falling off their horses and injuring themselves because of unsecured stirrups.

“With a standard buckle, the only thing that holds it on the saddle and keeps it on the saddle is friction and gravity,” “There has never been a locking stirrup adjustment buckle to this point.” - Jim Rider


Team High Tech Tack

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